Is a SMP franchise a good option?

Scalp MicroPigmentation is an exciting, growth industry so it’s understandable that many new and prospective practitioners are keen to make their mark and create a successful business.

There are many routes into the SMP industry, from learning the ropes at an established clinic, setting up your own practice, to taking advantage of an established brand. Franchising, in particular, has many benefits to the new SMP practitioner.

SMP franchising: the basics

Franchise agreements can vary greatly, but typically the franchisee will receive from the brand owner, the necessary skills and tools they need to make a similar success as the parent company. This will include trademarks, intellectual property assets, the benefit of any marketing activities that the parent company carries out. It can also provide or assist with the purchase of equipment and products required. Training can also be provided to ensure that the same level of service is offered.

A franchise typically covers a specific geographic area and the franchisee will be purchasing ‘exclusivity’ of some type.

SMP franchising: the benefits

Rather than having to start with nothing, buying a franchise means that you’re taking a leap further down the line towards having a successful business. You will have identified a brand and business that you believe is the market leader and that you share similar values with. You can take advantage of the audience awareness and good reputation they have spent many years building.

It also means you have someone on your side; the brand owner wants you to make a success of your business so usually provide franchisees with ongoing advice and support.

SMP franchising: the costs

Every franchise has a different fee structure – typically there will be an up-front fee and then an ongoing royalty or license fee that may be monthly, quarterly or yearly. Going it alone means no franchising costs, but these are quickly balanced out by the marketing costs required to establish a brand new business with no reputation and a website with few visitors.