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Is a SMP franchise a good option?

Scalp MicroPigmentation is an exciting, growth industry so it’s understandable that many new and prospective practitioners are keen to make their mark and create a successful business. There are many routes into the SMP industry, from learning the ropes at an established clinic, setting up your own practice, to taking advantage of an established brand. […]

Why choose pro:smp?

Why should you choose Pro:SMP to deliver all the hardware, products and consumables you require to run a successful Scalp MicroPigmentation business? We are the pioneers of the SMP industry and have 15 years’ experience producing great results for our patients. We have sourced products from the most reputable manufacturers – they are the ones […]

Why do some SMP procedures turn blue?

Everyone has seen tattoos that have turned blue over time, so it can be a natural concern about Scalp MicroPigmentation, as it also works by delivering pigments into the dermis to create an effect. Certainly, there are images on the internet of horror SMP stories, so how do you ensure this doesn’t happen to your […]